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Pot Grinders, Weed Grinders, Herb grinders and More! is here to help your Medical Marijuana Dispensary stay innovated when it comes to all your new patients.  Are you looking to hand out a new patient gift to all your new patients that com into your marijuana collective? if so then has the answer you've been looking for.  no more handing out your product that just gets smoked and forgotten, instead hand out an actually new patient gift that will not only save you money but also help market and brand yourself in the process. 

Pot Grinders & Herb Grinders Wholesale

 Here at We are committed to providing our customers with a well designed, durable herb grinder at an affordable price. We have revolutionized the herb grinder and transformed this once simple gadget into an efficient and effective tool for not only grinding herbs that will last a lifetime but also help your medical marijuana dispensary or medical cannabis club market yourself by creating a great friend referral basis. We here at Pot Grinder are committed to providing our customers not only with an elite product, but with unparalleled customer service and support. We are here for your medical marijuana dispensary. is an extension to this industries #1 medical marijuana locate site,  So no only will you be purchasing a Potgrinder that will help market yourself, promote healthy smoking and be cost affordable but you will instantly gain access to this industries #1 medical marijuana locator site, giving your medical cannabis dispensary instant credibility within the medical marijuana industry.  

 As a new marijuana dispensary or as an existing medical marijuana dispensary you can be sure that handing out a PotGrinder with your very own custom logo on it will help you market and brand yourself in this industry.  All our pot grinders can also be used to introduce to your medical marijuana patients the healthy way of smoking medical marijuana, vaporizing.  That's right, introduce your patient to the healthy way of medicating, by providing them with the #1 tool to do so, a potgrinder.  The potgrinder will grind your herbs and then secondly you would want to introduce to your patients the wonderful world of vaporizing.

PotGrinder Description: The magnetized lid ensures a tight-fit during the herb grinding process. The freshly ground herbs can be used or if you choose, stored in the middle of herb grinder compartment. Our herb grinders and pot grinders are not only cost effective but are a great way to promote your collective and its commitment to healthy medicinal use. Vaporizing is becoming this industry‚Äôs standard in medicating safely and your grinders can be the tool for all your medical marijuana patients use.